About Us

Hi, I am Muhammad Bilal, and this is my real-life story…

On Friday 22 September 2018, our life changed as we lost our beloved cat, Casper. In just a matter of 7 days, we lost our Playful and Fluffy 5-year-Old Persian cat.

Casper fell from a triple-story building which resulted in a permanent fracture of the backbone leaving him almost paralyzed. I remember he could barely move a step. To see him in such pain was a difficult thing for me and my family.

We did our best to save him, but nothing worked. It was his time to say Good-Bye to us. We spent 5 years together, Saying Good-Bye to him was not an easy thing for any of us.

He is gone now but still, he is with us, in our memories. After him, I adopted a one-month-old kitten Pikku, 2 dogs Brett & Bruno, a few pigeons, hens, and a few parakeets, and I have been giving them my proper love and care. Bringing new pets doesn’t mean you have forgotten the old ones.

They always stay, in your memories, in your heart. We miss you Casper and we always will do.

This is the reason I have created this blog, to provide practical advice on taking care of your pets as well as providing emotional comfort to those who have faced pet loss.