Can Gerbils Eat Asparagus? Pros & Cons Of Asparagus

If you are looking for a social, interactive pet that won’t mind being played with endlessly then Gerbils make excellent candidates. All they need is food and shelter to stay healthy. Caring for them does not require any special skills or knowledge.

Gerbils are not your average herbivores. They are omnivores, so they eat plants and seeds in addition to meat. As Gerbils love eating leaves so it’s no surprise that you may wonder “Can gerbils eat asparagus?”.

The answer to this question is yes or no. This is because gerbils may or may not eat asparagus. It depends on certain conditions. Apart from gerbils, you should also know that if your guinea pig can eat asparagus or not?

In this article, you will know a detailed description of the gerbil’s diet. This will help you as a pet owner to make informed decisions about what you feed your gerbils.

1. Is Asparagus Safe For Gerbils?

Asparagus is a safe food for gerbils to eat just like basil but in small amounts. It’s best to avoid feeding them too much because it could cause diarrhea. Make sure you mix it with other greens like lettuce to prevent stomach cramps.

Can Gerbils Eat Asparagus

If your pet does not have any digestive problems after eating asparagus then it should be fine for them.

Asparagus is likely to be safe for your pet if you keep it in check that the stalk does not contain pesticides or fertilizers. The best thing you can do is to buy it fresh and organic.

If you want to know whether the stalks contain pesticides, look at them under a microscope. If they are transparent then that means that no harmful chemicals are present.

2. How Much Asparagus Can Gerbils Eat?

The recommended amount of asparagus for adult gerbils is 0.2 ounces. This is equivalent to 2 inches of asparagus for each gerbil. Gerbils can eat about 0.1 ounces of asparagus as a part of their daily diet.

Can Gerbils Eat Asparagus? Pros & Cons Of Asparagus

According to the Gerbil Society, asparagus can be fed at a maximum of one-third of a gerbil’s daily diet. They also warn that these amounts should only be given every day or two.

The best way to feed your pet is by mixing it with other vegetables and fruits like banana, broccoli, apple, and lettuce. You can either cut it into small pieces or feed them fresh asparagus stalks.

3. Can Gerbils Eat Asparagus Stalk?

Just like other vegetables and fruit, gerbils can eat asparagus stalks if they are fresh.

If your Gerbil’s gizzard is strong enough to digest the stalk then it should be fine. However, if the stalks are too hard then they can damage their stomach.

Asparagus stalks can be irritating to your pet’s mouth. The skin can contain chemicals that are toxic to your gerbil. They will have the same effect if they eat it whole or in chunks.

4. Is Asparagus Good For Gerbils?

Asparagus is considered one of the best vegetables that you can feed to your gerbil.

Following are some key advantages of asparagus.

  1. Asparagus is packed with healthy nutrients that promote healthy skin, fur, and organ functions.
  2. It provides a sufficient source of vitamins A, K, C, and Niacin. It also contains Vitamins B6 and Folate.
  3. It’s rich in dietary fiber, Calcium, and Magnesium so it plays a major role in constipation.
  4. Moreover, asparagus contains an abundance of minerals such as Potassium, Copper, Manganese, and Iron.
  5. It’s also a good source of antioxidants which help to prevent cancer.
  6. Asparagus is especially beneficial for pregnant gerbils. It contains high levels of folic acid, which prevents congenital diseases in newborns.
  7. Asparagus is packed with essential nutrients that are important for your gerbil’s overall health.
  8. It can even be used as a natural moxa to prevent coughs and colds.

5. Are Stems of Asparagus Bad For Gerbils?

Asparagus stalks can be harmful to your pet if they are too hard. The stalks of the vegetable contain toxic chemicals called Diallyl disulfide.

Can Gerbils Eat Asparagus? Pros & Cons Of Asparagus

These chemicals could cause vomiting and diarrhea in large amounts. If ingested in small quantities, it could give your pet a stomachache. The chemicals can also irritate their throat and mouth making it difficult for them to eat.

If your pet’s gizzard is strong enough to digest the stalk then it should be just fine. However, if the stalk is too hard then it can damage their stomach.

6. What Part of Asparagus Can Gerbils Eat?

You can feed the gerbil stalks, flowers, and buds of asparagus. You can also give them the leaves too but do this sparingly because they are loaded with nutrients that your pet won’t need.

7. How Can Asparagus Be Harmful To Gerbils?

Asparagus can be harmful to gerbils due to the following reasons:

  1. Gerbils should avoid eating asparagus because it can cause kidney problems.
  2. Asparagus contains sulfur which can cause digestive problems in gerbils.
  3. Too much asparagus can lead to dehydration, diarrhea, and even death.
  4. Asparagus can be harmful to gerbils if they don’t get enough water. Make sure that your pet has free access to water and always provide them with fresh water.

The most important thing is to monitor your pet’s behavior after giving the food. If you notice any unexpected changes then take your pet to a vet right away.

8. 7 Other Harmful Foods For Gerbils:

Foods that are bad for gerbils include:

  1. Green beans
  2. Corns
  3. Pineapple
  4. Chocolate
  5. Candies
  6. Coffee grounds
  7. Nuts

9. 7 Healthy Diets For Gerbils:

A good diet for Gerbils include:

  • Freshwater every day.
  • Hay (which is very important).
  • Pellets with seeds and grains.
  • Vegetables like carrots or peas.
  • Fruits like apples or bananas.
  • Oatmeal.
  • Applesauce with Cinnamon mixed.


Gerbils can eat asparagus, but they should only be given a small amount. The stem of the plant is not safe for them to consume because it can cause gastrointestinal upset due to its high fiber content.

Asparagus also contains natural chemicals called saponins that are toxic when eaten in large quantities and may damage gerbil’s kidneys over time. Gerbils need to be fed healthy foods like grains, vegetables, fruits, hay pellets, watermelon seeds, or anything with low sugar content.

We hope you enjoyed our article about asparagus for Gerbils. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that may arise from reading this article.

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