Can Gerbils Eat Basil? Is Basil Good For Gerbils?

Gerbils are cute little rodents who live in a cage and need the entertainment to keep them from chewing on your couch or digging up your yard. If you love your pet then you might be thinking “Can gerbils eat Basil”?

Yes, gerbils can eat basil. As gerbils are rodents, their diet mainly consists of grains, vegetables, and fruits. What better way than by giving him something fun like fresh basil leaves right out of the garden? If you would like to know if gerbils can eat basil, this article will surely be helpful to you.

Apart from basil do you know that you can feed your gerbil asparagus or not?

1. Is It Okay For Gerbils To Eat Basil?

The answer is yes, but it depends on the type of basil you are talking about. Generally, there are two main types of basil: sweet and spicy. Sweet Basil can be toxic to your furry friends, while spicy basil poses no threat to them whatsoever.

Can Gerbils Eat basil

If your gerbil wants to eat between meals, spicy basil is the best option for them. It can be served in small amounts several times a day with no side effects and is very safe to eat.

If your gerbil decides to eat sweet basil, they won’t be too harmed by the taste and might even enjoy it. Keep in mind though that this herb can cause stomach aches and upset tummies if eaten in large quantities, so limit their intake to small nibbles.

2. What Type Of Basil Can We Feed To Gerbils?

Gerbils love eating basil just as much as humans do. You can feed them fresh or dried basil leaves with no issue at all. However, Gerbils may not eat every type of Basil because of the reason that some have a strong scent or bitter taste which may turn them off. For example, they won’t touch any type of mint at all due to their intense aroma.

Can Gerbils Eat Basil? Is Basil Good For Gerbils?

You can check the type of Basil before feeding it to your pet. Sweet Basil has soft leaves with pointed tips, while Spicy Basil has hard leaves with rounded edges.

If you’re not sure what type of herb you have in front of you, rub the leaf between your fingers, if it smells like pepper or tastes peppery then it’s most likely to be spicy Basil.

3. What Will Happen If A Gerbil Eats Basil?

There are some rare cases where your gerbil may come across sweet basil and taste it out of curiosity or boredom. In such a case, If your gerbil does decide to nibble on sweet basil. It’s really bad for their health, so snatch it out of their hands and offer them something else.

If it is having an issue with sweet basil, just rub their tummy after feeding them to soothe any cramping they may have.

 However, spicy basil would not harm. So, feel free to feed them some spicy basil along with some delicious spaghetti and tomato sauce. If your pet is having issues with spicy basil, give him some water. It will flush out the taste and resolve any stomach problems.

4. How Can We Feed Basil To Gerbils?

  1. You can mash it up into a paste and let them lick it off your finger.
  2. In case you want a specific flavor in a certain gerbil’s food, take a pinch of basil and sprinkle it in to add a special touch.
  3. You can also try making pesto from it. Basil pesto is delicious when paired with pasta, which you can feed to your gerbil as a meal.

5. Is Basil Good For Gerbils?

Basil is great for the digestive system because it has vitamin K which helps break down proteins in the body. You can feed gerbils with fresh or dried basil leaves with no issue at all.

It is also rich in iron and vitamin C. So next time you’re cooking up some spaghetti sauce, try throwing some fresh basil into the mix to help out your hungry little friend.

6. Can We Grow Our Basil?

If you’re looking to grow your basil, make sure you get a type of basil known as Italian Basil. It’s the most common and simple variety. It’s also easiest to grow.

Can Gerbils Eat Basil? Is Basil Good For Gerbils?

In case you want something more unique or exotic, you can always try Thai Basil, Lime Basil, or Cinnamon Basil. These are the most interesting varieties of basil but they’re also more difficult to grow and find, so it’s up to you whether you want to take that risk.

7. Other Harmful Foods For Gerbils:

  1. You should never feed your gerbil anything with citrus or grapes because they’re poisonous to them.
  2.  Avoid giving your gerbil any food or drink with caffeine in it as this can be fatal for them.

If you’re going to feed your gerbil basil, make sure you do it in moderation. The most important thing to remember when feeding a gerbil is that they need protein-rich food like meat and nuts.


Gerbils can eat basil, but it is not recommended because of the health risks. It’s best to consult a veterinarian before feeding your gerbil any type of herb or plant that you’re unsure about.

When a Gerbil eats Basil, they will drool more than usual because their mouth starts to water when they smell or taste this herb. It is not harmful to them to eat basil. But if there is too much in their diet then it could cause some stomach aches which means less food intake overall.

If you do feed your gerbil some Basil, make sure they don’t have access to water while eating so they won’t vomit and destroy their stomach lining. Be careful when considering what foods are good for them.

Other harmful foods include chocolate, onions, garlic salt (which contains table salt), rhubarb leaves, and tomato plants.

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