Can Gerbils Eat Brazil Nuts? Benefits of Brazil Nuts

Gerbils eat many different things including grains, fruits, and vegetables, seeds/nuts/legumes, insects, or other small animals if they can catch them. One thing that people often ask is whether or not can gerbils eat brazil nuts?

Gerbils can eat Brazil nuts but in moderation. Just remember that if you give them too many or feed them too often then it may lead to obesity because of the high-fat content.

Apart from Brazil Nuts people also love to read if gerbils can have blackberries, bird seeds, and beef jerky as well.

1. Are Brazil Nuts Good For Gerbils?

The answer is yes, Brazil nuts can be fed to gerbils. However, it should be kept in mind that they might not like them so you may have to get a bit creative when presenting them with a new snack.

Brazil nuts are quite big than most other nuts. They grow in big fruits that are similar to orange, with the nuts arranged like orange slices are.

Brazil nuts make good gerbil treat

They make good gerbil treat because, like other nuts, they’re rich in fat and protein. Apart from that, they also contain essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, vitamin E, zinc, and some B vitamins. They also have magnesium, which is good for gerbils.

This means that they’re healthy, nutritious treats for your gerbil. Just remember that if you give them too many or feed them too often then it may lead to obesity because of the high-fat content.

2. How Do I Serve Brazil Nuts To My Gerbils?

Once you have opened up a packet of Brazil nuts (sometimes called Brazilian nuts) there are several ways in which you can present these tasty treats to your little pet. Here are some suggestions:

  • Put one nut in each section of an ice cube tray and fill with water; freeze overnight; offer frozen cubes either alone or mixed with other foods like vegetables or grains
  • Chop finely and mix well into gerbil mash or powder
  • Chop finely and put into a zip-lock bag with gerbil fodder
  • Make nut butter by blending the nuts in a blender. Then mix this with gerbil food, spread it on fruit pieces, etc. You can also use peanut butter instead if you prefer.
  • Roll the nuts in cheese before giving it to your pet; cheese will make them more appealing.

3. What About Brazil Nuts For Hamsters?

Hamsters are very similar to gerbils in appearance but they are much smaller and have different dietary requirements.

Can Gerbils Eat Brazil Nuts? Benefits of Brazil Nuts

They require less fat than gerbils so should not be given too many Brazil nuts, even though they do love them.

Just remember that if you give these nutritious nuts to your hamsters too often, it could lead to obesity because of their high-fat content.

4. What Other Nuts Are Good For Gerbils?

There are lots of different nuts that can be fed to gerbils, including almonds, pine nuts, walnuts, peanuts, and hazelnuts. All of these have similar nutrient levels to Brazil nuts so just bear in mind the cautions mentioned above when feeding them.

5. How Often Should We Feed Brazil Nuts To Gerbils?

As with any new food that you introduce to your gerbils, they should be given in moderation. You might want to start by feeding one nut every couple of days just to see if they show any signs of upset stomachs or diarrhea before giving them more.

If gerbils have no negative effects then you can give either less or more

If they have no negative effects then you can give either less or more depending on whether they’ll eat it all or not. As a general rule, most gerbils should be given no more than one nut every couple of days.

6. Do Brazil Nuts Have Any Special Benefits?

Here are some reasons why Brazil nuts might be good for your pet:

  • They contain lots of protein which is important for muscle growth and repair.
  • The natural oils in them give germs energy to keep up with their active lifestyles.
  • The fiber in them improves the digestive system and promotes bowel health through natural, healthy bacteria found in their gut.
  • The high-fat content in them makes them an effective tool for training, as it gives the gerbil a burst of energy when they’re expecting food.

It’s important to feed these nuts in moderation because of their high-fat content. Don’t give too many or too often.

7. What Are Some other Foods That Are Good For Gerbils?

Other healthy treats that can be fed to your gerbil include:

  • Avocado (mashed with the skin on)
  • Bananas (cut up, mashed, or used in banana bread)
  • Cooked pasta and rice (mashed or pureed)
  • Cheese (any kind, especially Cantal)
  • Grains such as wheat and oats (mashed and boiled in milk to make a gruel which can be fed to baby gerbils)
  • Green beans, corn, and peas (boiled until soft)
  • Cooked vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower
  • Sweetcorn (kernels can be presented whole in their husks)
  • Fruit pieces

8. What Are Some Foods That Gerbils Should Avoid?

There are also many foods that you should NOT feed to your gerbils because they are not good for them:

  • Chocolate – contains too much fat, sugar, and caffeine which can be harmful to animals with high metabolisms like gerbils. Also contains lots of chemicals that could harm your gerbil.
  • Citrus fruits – oranges, limes, and lemons contain too much acid for gerbils which can upset their stomachs.
  • Confectionery – contains sugar which is bad for the teeth, as well as artificial colors and flavors which might be harmful to your pet’s health.
  • Grapes, raisins, and prunes – contain toxic chemicals called mycotoxins which are poisonous to gerbils.
  • Always check the ingredients of any food that you are considering introducing into your pet’s diet.


Brazil nuts are a good alternative to sunflower seeds and provide your pet with tasty new food. This healthy snack is best given in moderation, once or twice a week as a special treat.

In summary, can gerbils eat Brazil nuts? They certainly can. You can give your gerbil just that as his main staple food along with various other goodies from time to time (like shredded cheese). If we have missed any information about whether or not can gerbils eat brazil nuts, enlighten us by giving a comment below.

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