Can Gerbils Eat Cherries? Which Part Of Cherry Is Safe?

While cherries are a delicious snack, can gerbils eat cherries? The answer is both yes and no. Gerbils should not eat the pits of the cherry because these contain cyanide and will make them sick. Cherries also contain sugar which is bad for gerbils so you should only feed them a small amount of this fruit.

If your gerbil has diabetes or other health problems then it would be best to avoid feeding them any fruit at all. It is best to feed them a healthy diet of gerbil food and treats.

Can Gerbils Eat Cherries

Can Gerbils Eat Cherries?

1. What type of cherries are safe for Gerbils?

The sweet, juicy cherries that we eat are perfectly safe for gerbils to eat. They love these. The only type of cherry that would not be safe is sour cherry. This type has lots of pits and this contains cyanide which will harm the gerbil if eaten.

2. Can a Gerbil eat a cherry pit?

Gerbils can eat a small amount of cherry but should avoid the pits. The pit contains cyanide which is lethal to gerbils so never feed your gerbil a pit from a cherry. If you have any food that has fallen on the floor then make sure it doesn’t contain a seed as this may be a cherry pit.

3. How many cherries can a gerbil eat?

They should never eat too many cherries because they are high in sugar. A gerbil eats lots of fruit to gain the nutrients they need but too much fruit will make them ill. You should only feed your gerbil one or two cherries per day.

4. If my gerbil has diabetes should I stop feeding it cherries?

If your gerbil has this health problem then you should ask your vet if it is safe to feed them any fruit at all. A diet of treats and pellets will be good for the gerbil but the occasional amount of cherry would be fine. To be on the safe side you should stop feeding your Gerbil any fruit at all.

5. Can Gerbils eat dried cherry?

These are available in pet shops and can be given to gerbils but only as a treat. These are often dried so they will not cause an upset stomach if given in very small amounts. If you have a baby gerbil then just give it one or two treats.

6. Do Gerbils eat cherry leaves?

You should never feed your gerbil any type of plant as this can be harmful. The leaves from a cherry tree are particularly bad for them so you should ensure they don’t come into contact with these at all.

7. Can a gerbil eat cherry tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes are very sweet but you should never feed these to your gerbil. The tomato is not good for them and will make them ill if eaten in large amounts.

You shouldn’t keep cherry tomatoes anywhere where the gerbil can crawl over these as this will increase their chances of getting sick.

8. Can Gerbils eat cherry stems?

It is best to avoid giving your gerbil any parts of the cherry at all. The stems are especially bad for them and can even make them ill if eaten in large amounts. As with anything else, there is a small amount that will be fine but it’s best to give them only a few stems.

9. Will my Gerbil get sick from eating cherries?

It depends on the type of cherry that they eat. A cherry that contains pits or has fallen to the floor can make your gerbil ill if it eats these.

It is best to only feed the fresh cherries directly to them and discard any leftovers. You should never feed your Gerbil any pits or stems from the cherry.

10. Can Gerbils eat cherry seeds?

Yes, they can and these seeds contain a healthy amount of nutrients. They only need to eat a few each day. Cherry seeds are especially good for Gerbil’s health and will make them fit and healthy.

11. Can Cherry juice make my gerbil sick?

If you give your gerbil too much cherry juice it may make them ill. This is because cherry is very sweet but can’t be digested quickly by their bodies.

It is best to only give them small amounts each day as a treat. If you have a baby then just give it a few drops of juice at a time.

12. Can I freeze my gerbil’s cherry?

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Yes, you can and this is a great way to ensure that no germs come into contact with the cherry. As it is important to keep the cherry fresh and only allow your gerbil access to fresh cherries.

13. Can I feed my gerbil dehydrated cherry?

Dehydrated foods are bad for your gerbil’s health and should be avoided. It is best to feed them fresh cherries and ensure there are no dehydrated foods in the cage at all.

Conclusion: Can Gerbils Eat Cherries?

You can see from the article (Can Gerbils Eat Cherries?) that cherry is safe for your gerbil to eat in small amounts. Too many cherries will make them ill so you should only feed them one or two each day.

You should also wash the cherry before feeding it to your gerbil and ensure no flies have been around it. If your gerbil has diabetes then you should avoid feeding it cherries at all costs.

It is also best to ask a vet before feeding cherries to a baby gerbil. You can give them dried cherry but these are just treated and shouldn’t be fed in large amounts.

If we have missed any information about ” Can gerbils eat cherries” or If you have any other questions regarding the gerbil’s diet, do let us know in a comment below.

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