Can Gerbils Eat Egg Shells? Health Benefits Of Egg Shells

Gerbils need calcium in their diet, so it’s important to know if they can eat egg shells. Can gerbils eat egg shells? Yes, gerbils can eat eggshells. It is safe for them to consume the small pieces of shell that break off while eating eggs or whole unbroken shells as long as you don’t feed them too many and there isn’t any yolk attached.

Eggshells are not something that people think to give their gerbils, but they can be an interesting treat if given in moderation.

Eggshells provide a calcium-rich snack for your gerbil, and most will enjoy crunching on the tiny pieces of shell. However, some types of egg-shell may be too sharp or bitter for your pet rodent to consume safely.

The reason you want to avoid feeding your pet an excess amount of eggshells is because they aren’t just high in calcium, but also very high in phosphorus which can lead to problems if consumed excessively. Read more about what you should know before adding eggshells to your furry friend’s diet below.

1. What Are The Health Benefits Of Egg Shells For Gerbils?

Eggshells not only provide your gerbil with calcium. They also contain other minerals in varying amounts. Proteins and amino acids are all present in the shell, making it a good source of nutrition for both humans and rodents alike.

Gerbils may be small but they’re hungry little creatures. They require plenty of food to keep them satisfied, especially if you plan on feeding them whole eggshells.

2. Can Egg Shells Be Dangerous For Gerbils?

There are two main types of eggshells: calcium-rich and phosphorus-rich. If you feed your gerbil the wrong type, it could cause some unhealthy problems down the line.

Calcium is important to your pet’s health because it helps with the development of its bones and muscles, among other things. Phosphorus levels can be dangerous because they will cause your pet to have a calcium deficiency, which can lead to bone loss and brittle bones.

The only major issue that comes from feeding your gerbil eggshells is the phosphorus content that can lead to bone issues or oxygen depletion. It’s important to feed your pets small amounts of eggshells once in a while and not give them all they want.

3. Should I Give My Gerbil Whole Egg Shells?

It depends on the size of your pet gerbil. If it’s fully grown up and can easily digest it then feel free to give it whole. In most cases, it’s best to break up the eggshells before giving them to your pet.

Make sure that your furry friend doesn’t accidentally swallow pieces big enough to cause an issue. Also, if you notice any issues with your gerbil after feeding it eggshells like weight loss or diarrhea, discontinue feeding them until symptoms go away.

4. How To Feed Egg Shells To Gerbils?

Start with a good handful of eggshells.  Break them up so that they are small enough for the gerbil to eat in one bite.  Give your pet the whole shell if it’s big enough not to be bitten into.

Gerbils love to chew on a hard pallet and will likely enjoy crunching down on any eggshells you give it. Just don’t go overboard when feeding your little furry friend because too much calcium can cause bone issues.

Make sure to wash all eggshells you want to feed your gerbil before giving them to your pet. This is especially important if you used eggs from home versus buying boiled eggs in bulk at the grocery store which should already be washed thoroughly.

5. Do Gerbil Need To Eat Egg Shells?

No, gerbils don’t need to eat eggshells. However, they can benefit from them if you start slow and give your pet a small amount of the eggshell once in a while.

It’s not necessary to add eggshells into their diet. They can get plenty of calcium from other good sources like dark leafy greens, broccoli, and other veggies that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

If your gerbil wants to munch on an eggshell or two though feel free to let him have it. Like many rodents, they love having something hard and crunchy in their diet so long as it doesn’t contain any dangerous levels of phosphorous.

6. How Often Should We Feed Egg Shells To Gerbils?

Again, it depends on your pet gerbil. If you feed them soft or boiled eggs, there’s no reason to give them the shells.

However, if you’re giving them raw eggs where they have to crunch down on the shell before eating it like a real breakfast of champions, make sure to supplement calcium somehow because their diet will lack in vitamins and minerals without it.

There is not much risk associated with feeding eggshells to gerbils once in a while. However, your pets could suffer from bone loss or other health problems related to calcium deficiency if you feed them too many at once.

Never give more than ¼ cup of eggshells per day to your gerbil.

Can Gerbils Eat Egg Shells?

Conclusion – Can Gerbils Eat Egg Shells?

Can Gerbils Eat Egg Shells? Feeding your pet small doses of eggshells every once in a while won’t hurt them, but it’s important to be mindful of how much phosphorus is in the shell versus calcium because it could give your pet an imbalance of these two minerals.  

Just make sure that any eggshells you get are clean and not hard-boiled so that you don’t have to boil them again before feeding them to your furry friend. If you’re still unsure what type to feed your gerbil just ask a pet breeder or Vet for advice on what kind would be best.

Gerbils can benefit from adding eggshells into their diet in moderation if it’s calcium-rich. If you notice any issues with your gerbil after feeding it eggshells like weight loss or diarrhea. Stop feeding it eggshells until symptoms go away and talk to a vet if they don’t improve.

Hope we have provided enough information on “can gerbils eat egg shells”. If we have missed anything in this article do let us know in the comment section below.

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