Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberries  – Recommended or Not?

Everyone likes treating their guinea pig with tasty and delicious fruits or veggies. Strawberries are certainly the number one favorite fruit of many people. But, Can guinea pigs eat strawberries?

“The answer is a BIG YES, guinea pigs can enjoy a small number of strawberries from time to time. Your guinea pig will occasionally be spoiled by strawberry treats.

It is not unusual to spoil your guinea pig every now and then again with a treat. Your little piggy will be happy to know that strawberries are fine to eat

While there are plenty of options to choose from, it’s hard to give your furry little pig a sweet fruit. Especially one that is extremely delicious, like strawberry.

Strawberries For Your Pet Piggy – The Complete Guide To Avoid Any Risks

Our advice is to keep portions to the smallest and feed them only occasionally just like grapes or bananas. Also, this will prevent your furry friend from boredom.

Feeding strawberries to your guinea pig boosts the immune system

Feeding strawberries to your guinea pig generates energy and keeps him occupied.

Of course, it’s quite amusing watching your guinea pig exploring fresh treats. Although most guinea pigs like to chew some strawberries, your cavy may be the exception.

You don’t have to worry if you don’t notice your pet is attracted to fresh food.

Our pets have different tastes and different likes and dislike, just like us.

If your pet does not particularly like eating strawberry snacks, it’s a good thing. And you certainly have nothing to worry about.

Yet, if your guinea pig simply worships the new fruit, he may try to beg you to give him more treats.

Don’t let it affect you! Stay Strong, and don’t spoil him. Feed your guinea pig only a few pieces of strawberry every once in a while. Feeding too many strawberries can lead to significant health problems.

No matter how much you want to please your furry friend, his health should be the topmost priority.

1) Are Strawberries Good for Guinea Pigs?

“Yes, strawberries contain the appropriate number of vitamins and minerals. These essential for guinea pigs. The guinea pig needs a well-rounded diet to live a healthy life.”

Strawberries are an amazing supplement in the guinea pig diet

Strawberries are an amazing supplement in the guinea pig diet. The reason to include strawberries in your guinea pig’s diet is their vitamin C content.

The content of vitamin C in strawberries is very high compared to other fruits and veggies.

Vitamin C is an essential part of their diet as it helps to prevent certain diseases such as scurvy in guinea pigs.

Strawberries have a good amount of fiber. Fiber is an essential part of the diet of guinea pigs. Because it helps to maintain their digestive system.

Guinea pigs always need a high-fiber diet to stay healthy for a long time.

Strawberries also contain protein, magnesium, iron, and other essential minerals. They are important for the overall growth of guinea pigs.

It also has several antioxidants that can help in the well-being of your little furry friend.

After all, we must not forget that there is also a negative effect of strawberries. Before we serve it to our guinea pig, we need to learn about it as well.

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Strawberries Composition – What Parts To Feed And To Avoid?

Feeding your pet strawberries might seem a simple task, but you should consider the following factors to avoid any potential hazards.

1) Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberry Stems And Leaves?

Yes, your little furry friend can eat strawberry stems and leaves. Like strawberries, strawberry stems are safe for your pet to enjoy.

In fact, your guinea pig may be more excited about the stems than the fruit.

The leaves of strawberries are another tasty treat for your pet pig. Because they help the fruit digest properly.

Needless to say, guinea pigs love to chew and eat various green leaves just for fun.

2) Are Strawberry Leaves Poisonous To Guinea Pigs?

Strawberry leaves do not cause any harm to your little friends. Guinea pigs can certainly eat strawberry leaves.

The leaves of strawberries are packed with antioxidants. Only a few people have knowledge about the nutrition of strawberry leaves.

Strawberry leaves are a great way to treat ailments, such as diarrhea and vascular diseases. There are no findings or readings about the harmful effects of strawberry leaves.

Considering the health benefits of strawberry leaves, it is safe to make them part of your guinea pig’s diet. But, keep in mind, you should only feed a small portion to your furry friend.

3) Can Your Pet Piggy Eat Strawberry Tops?

Strawberry tops are a fantastic treat to add to your guinea pig’s diet. Well, in my opinion, I would say they are better than the fruit.

fiber and vitamin C are a part of strawberry tops

The sugar content is low, but at the same time, fiber and vitamin C are a part of strawberry tops.

Tossing a few tops frequently when feeding strawberries to your guinea pig can be a good idea.

Most guinea pigs love to grab it. Although this may not be the case for you. Guinea pigs are picky creatures when it comes to their food choices.

4) Is Strawberry Jam Safe For Guinea Pigs?

No way, guinea pigs cannot eat strawberry jam. Strawberry jam is way sweeter for guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs are very sensitive animals, and you cannot just throw away any food to them. We must take proper care of their diet. A higher concentration of sweet or processed food can result in severe health defects.

5) What About Seeds? – Can Guinea Pigs Have Strawberry Seeds?

“Yes, it’s totally fine for your guinea pigs to moan over strawberries with their seeds. Seeds of some vegetables and fruits are excellent for guinea pigs.”

Cucumber, cherry tomatoes, grapes, and a lot of other veggies and fruits are no problem. The seeds are very small and tender, so guinea pigs have no problem enjoying them.

You can remove the seeds and serve them if you wish. But make sure you do not help your guinea pigs with bad seeds such as pineapples and watermelon.

6) Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dried Strawberries?

A BIG NO, dried strawberries are not something you should feed to your guinea pigs.

Dried strawberries and some other fruits contain a very high concentration of sugar. This much sugar is not safe for your little friend’s health.

4 Reasons Why You Should Add Strawberries To Your Bunny’s Diet

Strawberry is rich in vital nutrients for your guinea pig. These include calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin C.

These can help keep your piggy healthy.

Calcium and phosphorus are an essential part of pets diet

Calcium and Phosphorus:

Calcium and phosphorus present in strawberries are an essential part of a diet.

Which is necessary for healthy bone growth, tooth development, and nervous system health.

They also have other crucial health benefits for your little furry friend:

Inflammation / Antioxidants:

Many studies have shown that strawberries are an excellent source of anti-inflammatory compounds. And helps in fighting inflammation.


A strawberry contains high levels of Vitamin C and traces of some other vitamins like Vitamin B9.

These vitamins are essential for your pet pig. It makes them stay healthy and allows their bodies to function properly.

Vitamin C also helps to keep your guinea pigs safe and protected from different diseases. And make their immune system stronger.

Diabetes / Blood Sugar:

Strawberries can help to maintain glucose levels and glucose metabolism in the bloodstream.

The Correct Serving Proportions – 4 Steps That Can Help Your Pet Benefit From Them

Guinea pigs eat a variety of foods to stay healthy and happy.

High-quality food for guinea pigs and Timothy hay should be the main food items in their diet.

Their diet should contain at least 10% of fruits and veggies.

Guinea pigs need approximately 30 – 50 mg of vitamin C daily from their diet. Either from guinea pig food, vitamin supplements or from fruits and veggies that are high in vitamin C.

Guinea pigs do better with a diet low in fat and sugar.

1) How Much Strawberry Can A Guinea Pig Eat?

While these bright red berries are nutritious, moderation is the key factor here.

Here’s how many strawberries to feed your guinea pig:

Baby guinea pigNone
Adult guinea pig1 medium strawberry or 2 small strawberries

A single strawberry may not seem big to you, but the truth is, your little piggy can only actually handle this much.

Here’s how you can introduce these to your piggy for the first time.

Take start from approximately half of the small strawberries or medium-sized quarters. Look closely for 12 hours at least.

If it causes diarrhea to your guinea pig, then strawberries should be off of their menu of treats.

If everything is going well, you can slowly increase the number of strawberries you serve him. Until your furry piggy friend eats the whole strawberry at once.

2) The Only Way To Feed Strawberries To Your Guinea Pig – 4 Simple To Follow Steps:

We have now made it clear that it is best to feed strawberries to your furry friend.

But occasionally and in a moderate way.

Here’s how can feed these luscious treats to your pets.

First, strawberries are perishable fruits. So, do not store them in your refrigerator before feeding them to your guinea pigs.

Choose deep red strawberries. They have been recommended for eating for a maximum of two days after purchase, only if they are ripe.

Prior to feeding strawberries to your guinea pig, wash them thoroughly. This will remove harmful pesticides from the fruit.

As we have already pointed out, try not to give your pet more than one strawberry a week.

Cut the strawberries into small pieces. Now sit down to observe how your little furry buddy enjoys these treats! No matter how difficult it is to resist, the recommended limit of these should not be exceeded.

You do not want your pet to suffer from an upset stomach.

Are The Calories In Strawberries Low? Strawberry Nutrition Statistics

Strawberries are not only sweet; they are also very nutritious. Similarly, you will get little satisfaction when eating a very low number of calories.

The average serving of a cup of strawberries consist of the following:

46 calories
1 gram of carbohydrates
9 grams of fiber
1 gram of protein
4 g fat

Nutritional Facts

Strawberries top the list of healthiest fruits in the world. All thanks to all the antioxidants they provide.

They are the best source of vitamin C your guinea pig needs and have plenty of vitamins and minerals inside!

A cup of strawberries has approximately:

2 mg vitamin K
6 mg iron
220 mg potassium
6 mcg folate
7 mg vitamin C
1 mg vitamin B6
6 mg manganese
7 mg magnesium
1 mg copper
6 mg phosphorus

Health Benefits Of Strawberries – The Best Vitamin Source!

Your guinea pig’s health benefits entirely from strawberries. Due to the high concentration of vitamin C in strawberries.

Besides vitamin C content, strawberries are rich in manganese, fiber, and potassium. Another good source of potassium is bananas, and guinea pigs can eat them.

Potassium can significantly help reduce kidney stones.

Consumption of strawberries significantly contributes to improving your pet’s overall health.

Feeding strawberries to your guinea pig boosts the immune system

Feeding strawberries to your guinea pig boosts the immune system. Makes his little body stronger against harmful free radicals.

A number of phytonutrients are found in strawberries. They consist of powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

These compounds support heart health and control blood sugar.
In addition, the intake of ripe strawberries can be useful in reducing inflammation.

It also helps in preventing widespread health conditions.

Effect Of Overfeeding Strawberries – 3 Unfortunate Health Concerns

A balanced diet is a key to a healthy diet. So, be careful not to give your furry pet too many strawberries.

While there may not be such a thing as “too many strawberries” for you, but it does for him.

Your furry family member trusts your care. He can’t handle large and frequent strawberry areas with his small body!

This is why you should not give your guinea pig more than one strawberry per week.

You should not give your pet too many strawberries because it has high sugar content.

Excess sugar intake can result in digestive problems. Issues such as an upset stomach, diarrhea, and vomiting can occur.

The digestive system of your guinea pig is way more sensitive than humans. So, strawberries given without notice can result in serious damage to his digestion.

Another side effect of feeding your guinea pig more fruits is that it can damage his teeth.

In addition, the acidity of the fruit is a factor that causes sore lips in your guinea pig.

37 Healthy Alternatives to Strawberries In The Guinea Pig Diet

You have so many choices when it comes time to decide what to include in your guinea pig diet every day!

Your little friend enjoys a variety of fruits and vegetables:

ArtichokeRomaineCarrotCarrot topsCilantro
MintParsleyBeetsBeet topsBasil
ArugulaSpinachSwiss chardEndiveBell pepper
CabbageParsnipButter lettuceSummer squashCucumber
Butter crunch lettuceBibb lettuceEscaroleRocketGreen beans
Brussels sproutsBok ChoyYu ChoyAsparagusSweet potato

Remember to offer a wide variety of foods throughout the week. Include leafy greens and crunchy vegetables!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are Strawberries Safe To Add To Guinea Pig’s Diet?

Strawberries are safe to add to guinea pig’s diet. But, there’s a condition.

You can only introduce strawberries to a guinea pig’s diet by occasionally adding small amounts of strawberries.

2) Can Strawberries Cause Any Sickness To My Guinea Pig?

Can guinea pigs eat strawberries? Yes, they can. But keep in mind, it will cause sickness to your guinea pig.

Like all sugary fruits, eating too much at a time can cause diarrhea.

You will want to make sure that your guinea pig usually eats only small amounts of fruit. As it can lead to obesity and diabetes.

Both of these problems can make your guinea pig feel awkward and even shorten its lifetime.

3) Is It Safe To Feed Strawberries To Your Guinea Pigs As A Staple?

Do not feed your little buddy strawberries as a staple every day. Your pet’s main food should be high-quality timothy hay, vitamin C fortified pellets, and freshwater.

We should only help them with fresh and ripe fruit.

Guinea pigs have a delicate digestive system. And unripe food or spoiled food can easily offset the body’s balance.

4) How To Determine If Your Guinea Pig Is Sick?

Changes in your guinea pig’s daily activities can help you determine if your furry friend is sick.

These include changes in sleep patterns and behavior after eating a minimal part of fresh food such as strawberries.

In case you notice any changes like this, contact your veterinarian immediately. Your veterinarian will then help with what to do next.

As a first-aid measure, you will have to stop feeding strawberries to your guinea pig.


Guinea pigs can eat strawberries. However, like everything else in life, too much of anything can do you more harm than good. This is the same for your cute little guinea pig.

Filled with vitamins, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients, your pig can severely benefit from eating strawberries. However, it should only be served as a treat, rather than a routine part of the diet.

You may think you are doing them a favor or giving them the best fresh fruit meal. But, if not kept in moderation, it will lead to problems.

This is why the recommended intake of strawberries for your guinea pig is one strawberry per week. This will ensure your furry friend receives his fair share of nutrients and at the same time, ensure his safety.