Can Hamsters Eat Eggs? (3 Factors You Need To Consider)

If you have eggs for breakfast and your hamster is next to you, you may wonder if your hamster can eat eggs.

As you might already know, hamsters are omnivorous. Like us, they also need a nutrient-rich diet comprising vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and proteins. 

Talking of proteins, eggs can be a good source of proteins for your hamsters. But can hamsters eat eggs? Let’s find out.

Yes! Hamsters can absolutely eat eggs. In fact, eggs should be a part of your hamster’s main diet to ensure they get enough proteins to stay in good shape.

One large egg has over 6 grams of proteins, whereas a small egg has 4.8 grams of proteins, which is more than enough for hamsters.

That’s not all! Continue reading to learn more about how to feed your hamster eggs, how much they should have, and what parts they’re supposed to eat.

If you’re introducing your hamster to eggs for the first time, you should observe it for a few hours. Don’t worry; it isn’t a life-threatening allergy. Your hamster might suffer from simple digestive discomfort, and it will be fine in a couple of hours.

In case you notice any adverse effects, it is wise to stay away from eggs. Whereas, if you don’t see any adverse reactions, you can make eggs part of your pet’s main diet.

How Much Egg Can I Feed My Hamster?

If you let your hamster have a go at eggs, they will most likely not know when to stop. This is where your role comes into play.

When feeding your pet eggs, you need to consider the weight of your hamster. Typically, a large hamster should have 1 – 2  chicken eggs per week, split into small servings (1 egg in 2 servings). In contrast, small hamsters such as dwarfs can have 1 quarter of an egg once a week.

Since eggs also contain a high amount of calories and fats, feeding your hamster eggs as a staple just for proteins isn’t wise. 1 – 2 eggs per week are more than enough to meet your hamster’s protein requirements.

Alternatively, if you’re feeding them bigger eggs like duck eggs, you should feed them half the recommended amount of chicken eggs.

Can Hamsters Eat The Yolk Of An Egg?

Yes, hamsters can eat the yolk of an egg. But do they like eating the yolk of an egg? This is the real question here. Unfortunately, hamsters have trouble eating runny foods, so they may not like eating the yolk part of an egg.

Can My Hamster Eat Eggshells?

It might come as a surprise to you, but yes! Hamsters can eat eggshells. We usually throw them away, but they contain a good amount of calcium. In fact, you can turn eggshells into a calcium supplement for your furry friend.

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You can do this by grinding eggshells and converting them into powder form. Afterward, you can use it as a seasoning for your hamster’s favorite meals.

However, you should not do this often. This is because they get calcium from other food sources as part of their main diet.

So, make sure you’re not overdoing it.

Can Hamsters Eat Boiled Eggs?

Yes! Hamsters can eat boiled eggs. In fact, it will be wise to feed them boiled eggs entirely. Since boiled eggs can easily be managed and split into multiple servings, it will be easier for you to manage their servings. Moreover, your pet may even like boiled eggs more than a fried one.

Steps To Give A Hamster Boiled Egg:

Can Hamsters Eat Eggs? Here are some steps to prepare a boiled egg for your hamster to ensure your pet gets the most of it.

  • Wash the egg thoroughly to remove any dirt and other stuck particles from it.
  • After cleaning the egg, you need to boil it.
  • Next, remove the eggshell and split the egg vertically into two equal parts.
  • Give your hamster each half in two servings, and let your furry friend enjoy munching on it!

3 Factors You Need To Consider When Feeding Eggs To Your Hamster:

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When feeding eggs to your hamster, there are certain factors that you need to consider. Here’s a detailed insight into this:

Feed your hamster eggs in small proportions Eggs are undoubtedly healthy, but they contain a high concentration of fats. Feeding them more eggs than the recommended allowed limits will lead to problems like obesity, physical discomfort, and stomach complications. In severe cases, it may also lead to heart complications.

Avoid feeding them raw egg yolk – Feeding your hamster raw yolk is strictly not recommended by vets. It carries the potential hazard of exposing your pet friend to salmonella transmission. In addition, raw eggs can also lead to biotin deficiencies.

Do not feed your hamster cooked eggs that have raw yolk – Poached and over easy eggs contain uncooked yolk. This exposes your pet to the risks of eating the raw yolk. Due to this, you need to feed your hamster only fried, scrambled, baked, and boiled eggs that have cooked yolks.

4 Benefits Of Feeding Eggs To Your Hamster:

Eggs can be significantly beneficial for keeping your pet hamster healthy. Here are some of the health benefits of feeding eggs to your hamster.

  1. Eggs contain amino acids, which ensure your pet stays strong.
  2. It helps boost their energy levels and allows them to stay active throughout the day.
  3. Feeding eggs to your hamsters improves their fur.
  4. It avoids the appearance of bald patches on their skin and helps them heal faster.

Why Should You Not Give Eggs To Your Hamster?

Eggs are healthy in general, but certain things can go wrong if you overfeed them. These include:

  • It may lead to obesity if your hamster already has enough fats in its diet.
  • Too many eggs can make your pet inactive.
  • It can raise their cholesterol levels and lead to cardiovascular complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can All Hamsters Eat Eggs?

Hamsters can eat eggs, but since there are multiple breeds of hamsters, you may wonder if all of the hamsters can eat eggs. Here’s an insight into this:
Syrian Hamsters – Yes! Syrian hamsters can eat eggs. Since they have a bigger physical body, they can consume more protein compared to other smaller breeds. Based on this, you can feed them more than 2 eggs a week.
Campbell’s Dwarf Hamsters: Dwarf hamsters are part of the smallest breeds of hamsters. They can also eat eggs in smaller quantities since they do not need much protein in their diets. Ideally, one egg will be more than enough for them per week.
Roborovski Hamsters – Yes, they can eat eggs. They are comparatively bigger in size, so you can feed them up to 2 eggs a week. Just make sure you feed them in multiple servings and not in one go.

How To Feed Eggs To Your Hamster Properly?

The proper way to feed eggs to your hamster is to give them small pieces. A general rule of thumb is to cut a cooked egg according to the size of its paws. This will allow your hamster to eat eggs with ease.

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Conclusion: Can Hamsters Eat Eggs?

Can hamsters eat eggs? Yes! Should they eat it? Absolutely! Eggs are rich sources of proteins, which is a basic requirement for maintaining the overall health of your hamsters. However, you need to remember that hamsters should only be fed cooked eggs with a cooked yolk part.

Other than that, you need to consider the size of your hamster when feeding eggs. Larger hamsters can eat 2 eggs a week, whereas smaller ones can only have 1 egg a week. This will provide them with enough protein and ensure they can enjoy the new variance in their diet safely.

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