Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli? – Read Before You Feed!

Broccoli is filled with nutrients and can provide you with significant health benefits. However, people don’t really like its bitter taste. But what about rabbits? Can rabbits eat broccoli? Are they bothered by its bitter taste?

The answer is, Yes! Rabbits can eat broccoli but in small quantities. Rabbits are herbivores that depend on plant-based foods for their nutrients. Most of the rabbit’s diet consists of vegetables.

This is why broccoli is a very practical option. Available at most supermarkets throughout the year. It contains a lot of vitamin K & C, which promotes bone and tissue health. It also contains the digestive fiber necessary for pet rabbits.

Is Feeding Broccoli To Rabbits A Good Idea? 10 Things To Know Before Feeding

The question is, “Can rabbits have broccoli?” This delicious treat is not the equivalent of asking if they can eat it safely. Fortunately, the answer to both inquiries was a definite, “yes!”

Broccoli can cause gas. So, when you first give your rabbit broccoli. You make sure to keep an eye on your bunny for any symptoms of discomfort.

Having gas is common. It is not a major health issue to be worried about. However, your precious pet does not want to experience digestive discomfort.

Especially not just for adding a lot of new different treats to his diet.

Rabbits possess a sensitive digestive system. So, you should start with a small amount. One tablespoon a day for the first week would be prudent.

If your rabbit’s stool is normal and not anything watery, you may gradually increase this amount over time.

Let’s take a look at rabbits and broccoli in more detail.

1) What Parts Of Brocolli Can Rabbits Eat?

Rabbits can eat broccoli, eat its leaves, flowers and stem in moderation. This includes purple cauliflower (cultivated).

Rabbits can eat broccoli, eat its leaves, flowers and stem in moderation

Also, your cute bunnies can eat tender stem broccoli as well. It is basically a hybrid of broccoli and Chinese kale.

If not given in large quantities, small amounts of this vegetable are not likely to cause any stomach problems. These include gas, diarrhea, soft stools, and bloating.

Broccoli is known to be rich in vitamins such as A, C K, B6, and E, minerals, and dietary fiber. It consists of antioxidants and protective phytochemicals.

Broccoli also contains essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. Of all these nutrients, broccoli is recognized as having the strongest anti-cancer characteristic.

There is no doubt that the inclusion of this vegetable in humans as well as in animals’ diets is very healthy.

2) How Much Broccoli Can A Rabbit Eat?

People who like broccoli can eat a lot on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this is not the case with rabbits. Your bunny rabbit tolerates it well but should eat broccoli in moderation.

Here is a quick guide on how much broccoli to can feed to your rabbit:

Baby rabbitsNone
Juvenile rabbitsNone
Adult rabbitsMaximum: 1 tablespoon of broccoli per 2 pounds of body weight per day

Like other fresh foods, you can not rush into feeding them to your rabbit. You will have to start slow and gradually increase the proportions.

This is especially true for stems and floret. Give them a small portion of stems and florets and notice if your rabbit likes it.

3) What If My Rabbit Dislikes Broccoli?

Try a little broccoli leaf first and see if your rabbit likes the taste. The results may vary since not all rabbits are alike and some might not like the taste at all.

If you happen to find your rabbit disliking broccoli, do not feed him broccoli.

When it comes to feeding broccoli leaves to your rabbit, feed him only a little

When it comes to feeding broccoli leaves to your rabbit, feed him only a little. Keep an eye on him and watch out for any stomach-related problems in the next 24 hours.

Stomach issues such as diarrhea can be an indication of your rabbit not being happy with broccoli. If your rabbit experiences such issues, immediately stop feeding him broccoli leaves.

You should not take any risk in the case of your dear bunny. However, if you do not notice any adverse effects, there’s no harm in feeding your pet rabbit more broccoli leaves.

In addition to the broccoli leaf, you can also mix things up and feed him a minimal amount of the stem. A teaspoon will serve the purpose of giving him little extra nutrients.

Keep an eye on him in the meanwhile and if you don’t see any stomach issues in your rabbit, we can conclude that your rabbit is in fact happy with eating broccoli.

You can then continue to add florets to his diet and in case your rabbit is comfortable with it, you can make it a special treat for your rabbit. But keep in mind, you should not feed him more than a single teaspoon.

Are you feeding your rabbit cabbage? If your answer to this question was yes, you DO NOT need to feed him broccoli the same day.

Introducing Your Pet Friend To Broccoli – 3 Factors To Consider

Before you go ahead and feed your pet broccoli, you should know that there are a few factors that you need to consider regarding the parts of broccoli for your pet.

1) Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli Stalks Or Stems?

Rabbits can eat broccoli stalks and stems. Broccoli stalks and stems contain nutrients similar to broccoli florets. They are replenished with important nutrients such as protein, calcium, and potassium.

Stalks are essentially stemmed linking florets and leaves. We often discard them but when it comes to rabbits, they can safely eat them.

Broccoli stalks are basically the stems that link the florets and leaves together

These stalks are basically the stems that link the florets and leaves together. These are usually hard for humans to eat, and they end up in the trash for us. But your cute little rabbits have no issue eating them.

Broccoli stalks or stems are rich in Vitamin A and dietary fiber, and can significantly benefit your rabbit’s health.

Rabbits absolutely love eating broccoli stalks and it can be a nice new addition to their diet.

To bring variety to your pet’s diet, you can chop broccoli stalks and add them to other foods.

Be aware, you should only feed broccoli stalks in moderation. Moderation is the key to keeping your pet rabbit happy. In the case of overfeeding your rabbit with broccoli stalks, he may exhibit signs of excessive diarrhea.

2) Can Rabbits Munch On Broccoli Leaves?

Rabbits can eat broccoli leaves just like they can eat stems and florets. Broccoli leaves are absolutely safe for consumption and similar to stems and florets your rabbit will have no trouble eating them.

The leaves of Broccoli are nutrient-rich, including Vitamin C, A, and anti-oxidants.

Broccoli leaves can be quite healthy for your rabbits compared to flowers or stems.

It is high in beta carotene. Beta carotene improves the skin and fur conditions of your rabbit. Besides, it is low in fiber. Low fiber protects your rabbit against any stomach or digestion issues.

Here’s a bonus for you and a fun treat for your rabbit. You can feed your pet rabbit leaves and make a bunny salad for him.

3) Raw Broccoli Or Cooked Broccoli – Which One To Feed?

They can safely eat both raw and cooked broccoli. But, you should know that raw foods usually contain more nutrients than cooked foods.

The USDA Product Nutrition website reports the following regarding broccoli:

  • 100 grams of raw broccoli contains 2.6 grams of fiber. At the same time, cooked broccoli has 3.3 grams of fiber.
  • The results, in this case, are somewhat surprising. However, the overall discrepancy did not differ greatly in fiber content.
  • Always remember to wash raw vegetables well. It also goes for those who are organic and grown in your own garden.

First Time Feeding Your Pet Broccoli? 2 Serving Instructions To Consider

Wondering what would be the best way to feed rabbits broccoli? Here’s how:

1) How To Serve Your Rabbit Broccoli?

Just like you introduce other vegetables and greens, this should be done for adult rabbits or pre-weaned babies.

You should start with small doses and see if there are any digestive issues. If you do not notice any digestive problems, you can increase the given dose. But not more than the recommended amount.

Wash the broccoli in running clean water to get rid of any pesticides, herbicides, or residues of insecticides.

You can chop it into small pieces to make it easier to eat.

2) How Often Should You Feed A Rabbit Broccoli?

If you have a clear understanding of whether your rabbit is comfortable with eating broccoli, you can make it a part of their diet. Start by feeding him one teaspoon of broccoli for every two pounds of your rabbit’s weight.

Only feed raw broccoli to your rabbit

Keep in mind to only feed raw broccoli to your rabbit and do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Try mixing things up a little by adding some broccoli leaves and some floret.

You can also feed him the stems since they’re perfectly safe for your pet rabbit.

While broccoli is nutrient-rich, you can not make it a part of your pet’s daily food intake. Rabbit’s low eating hay and that’s what they should eat.

For keeping your pet’s diet balanced, you can feed your pet other treats like bananas, watermelon, and green beans

Is Broccoli Healthy For Rabbits? – Nutritional Facts!

Broccoli is very healthy, very dark, leafy greens for rabbits. There are some exceptions to this, obviously.

Some leaves should be avoided because they are harmful, and some should be avoided as they are not as nutritious as lettuce. But it is not true for broccoli.

It contains vitamins and minerals that are essential for the good health of your bunny. Because of that taste, your kids may hate this vegetable, but your rabbit will absolutely love it.

And to be all honest, they will love you for giving it to them.

It is full of vitamins and minerals and is rich in fiber. A good, plump juicy broccoli is a great way to get more water in a rabbit’s diet.

This is necessary if your bunny refuses to drink the water it needs. Run it under a tap to add a little more water and then give it a piece by piece.

Broccoli Nutritional Statistics:

If you know someone who knows anything about nutrition, he will tell you that broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables you can find! It is low in calories, full of nutrients, and absolutely delicious.

The truth is, the American Cancer Society recommends cruciferous vegetables. Which includes broccoli, as part of your regular diet.

So even if your bunny doesn’t like to eat broccoli, you should consider increasing your intake!

A cup of broccoli contains the following:

55 calories11g of carbohydrates5 g fiber
4 g protein3 g fat100 mcg Vitamin K
120 mg of vitamin A457 mg Potassium168 mcg folate
101 mg of vitamin C4 mg Vitamin B64 mg manganese
62 mg Calcium33 mg Magnesium105 mg phosphorus

There is a reason why broccoli is such a desirable superfood in the world. It is thoroughly packed with essential nutrients to help you stay healthy by reducing oxidative stress and protecting your cells.

It is rich in minerals to maintain strong bones and promote the proper functioning of the muscles. And it is good for your heart as well.

30 Best Alternatives Of Broccoli For Rabbits

There are plenty of vegetable alternatives to chop for your rabbit. This is great news because variety is the spice of rabbit life!

In addition, there are some who do not recommend broccoli for rabbits. So, here are some tasty alternatives if you want to avoid them altogether.

ParsleyBasilEndiveCilantroCarrot tops
Swiss chardRadish topsBeet greensSpinachRomaine lettuce
ArugulaButter lettuceBibb lettuceCabbageBrussels sprouts
Dandelion greensEscaroleBok choyFennelYu Choy
Turnip greensCarrotsOkra leavesCloverBell peppers

Not sure what to treat your rabbit next? Here’s our top pick. You can feed your rabbit celery and tomatoes.

What Is The Ideal Diet For Rabbits?

Since you have a rabbit, you will also know that they mainly eat green plants. When your pet rabbit sees green food such as cloves and grass, they will not think twice before eating it.

Rabbits like to eat the leaves more than the actual florets

One thing that we can learn from this is that rabbits like to eat the leaves more than the actual florets.

The ideal diet for rabbits include:

  • Fresh hay – There’s certainly no restriction on this. Hay is their main food and they should always have access to it.
  • Freshwater – As much as your rabbit wants. There aren’t any limitations on water and it will only benefit your rabbit.
  • Serving Rabbit Pellets – These are based on age and every age has its own specific pellets. Make sure you provide your rabbit with pellets once every 24 hours.
  • Bunny salad – Serve your rabbit with one cup of crushed vegetables and some leaves. But make sure you keep your rabbit’s weight when feeding him a bunny salad.
  • Feed him healthy treats each day, apart from their actual diet. This should also not exceed more than a teaspoon. Make sure to keep it variable by focusing on treats with different nutrients.
  • Apples, pears, peaches, bananas, berries are just a few favorites of your rabbit.
  • Seeds – Rabbits love eating seeds and feeding them sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds will be an excellent treat.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can Broccoli Make My Rabbit Sick?

Unfortunately, Yes. Too much broccoli at once can cause some serious problems, including stomach problems such as gas and diarrhea. If your rabbit does not tolerate broccoli well, it is better to avoid it altogether.

2) Can Rabbits Eat Broccolini?

Broccolini is a hybrid of broccoli and kale. Rich in vitamins A&D and good amounts of fiber. Like broccoli, you can feed your rabbits flowers, leaves, and stalks of broccolini

It is entirely safe for your rabbits, and you only need to make sure that you mix it with 4 to 5 other vegetables.

But, be careful, because broccolini can produce gas in rabbits when they are overfed. So, keep the dosage up to a few teaspoons a week and never mix with other vegetables like broccoli.

3) What Are The Symptoms Of Broccoli Giving My Rabbit Gas?

Rabbits are not able to pass gas. This means any build-up of gas can result in severe discomfort for your rabbit.

Symptoms of gas in your rabbit include:

  • Stomach bloating
  • Lying in a swirled position
  • Pressing their bellies flat on the floor
  • Noise from your bunny’s stomach

In case you’re worried, there’s no harm in calling the vet.

If you are worried, be sure to call your veterinarian. As a first-aid measure, you can stop giving your rabbit broccoli.

4) Can Rabbits Be Given Whole Broccoli?

Technically, yes. As mentioned earlier, neither the stems nor the stems agree with this. So, it’s good to start a little at a time.

When served in moderation, broccoli is a healthy, fresh addition to your bunny’s diet.

Once your rabbit is used to broccoli, you can feed your rabbit 1 teaspoon of broccoli a day for every 2 pounds of body weight.

You can give this amount in one meal or divide the portion into two or more meals.

5) Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli Rabe Or Rapini?

In short, yes rabbits can eat broccoli rabe or rapini.

Broccoli may look like the leaf stalks of rabe or rapini broccoli

Broccoli may look like the leaf stalks of rabe or rapini broccoli. But they are closer to the turnips. They may be slightly bitter than broccoli, but they are nutritious.

Treat the broccoli rabe or rapini as you would treat broccoli. Control the amount of a few teaspoons each week, and you should be fine


Rabbits can safely eat broccoli and benefit from its vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Always remember not to feed multiple cruciferous vegetables at once.

Broccoli leaves, stems, and tops (the flower bud that people eat) are safe for your furry friends. But they should be given in small quantities.

Broccoli is not bad for rabbits, and it is okay to eat them in moderation as it does not cause gas or stomach pain. Make sure you feed them in a proper amount. Some will like it, others will not. Do not force them.

Lastly, avoid cooked broccoli, at least. Because it is less crunchy and may affect its nutrition and fiber composition. Always feed these pets raw vegetables.

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