Can Birds Eat Popcorn? (Popped or Unpopped)

Can Birds Eat Popcorn

Whether you are sitting in the warm sunlight having a picnic and eating some popcorn or lounging in your home watching your favorite movie with popcorn and your bird to keep you company. It is typical for them to flock around your bowl of popcorn and stare at it with beady eyes and why wouldn’t … Read more

Top 11 Quiet Pet Birds To Own for the First-Time

Top 11 Quiet Pet Birds

Among all the pets, birds are the noisiest ones. Though this is something most people enjoy, some simply don’t. People who love quietness and birds on the same level need quiet pet birds. So, do quiet pet birds exist? Yes, they definitely do exist. Some specific bird species are relatively quieter. They do not make … Read more

Can Parakeets Eat Bananas  – Things To Know Before Feeding

Can Parakeets Eat Bananas

Parakeets are adorable colorful birds that always lighten up the mood just by their presence. They love eating various fruits and veggies to meet their dietary needs. But, what about bananas? Can parakeets eat bananas?  Fortunately, your pet parakeet can safely eat bananas. They are filled with essential nutrients and ensures your parakeet stays healthy … Read more

Chicken Vs Hen  – How To Tell Them Apart?

Chicken Vs Hen

Are you thinking of owning some chickens, or hens? Or if you already own them the thought might come across your mind, “Chicken vs hen.” Are they the same or different? How to tell them apart? Let’s find out. Chicken is a collective term for chickens, if you did not get that, allow me to … Read more