Why Is My Guinea Pig Not Eating Pellets?

Why Is My Guinea Pig Not Eating Pellets

You might notice the pellets you bought for your furry little pet, might cause him to turn his nose and move away from them. Which might make you ask yourself “Why is my Guinea pig not eating pellets?” Guinea pigs are very picky and fussy eaters. If they turn their nose to the food, then … Read more

Why Isn’t My Guinea Pig Eating? Factual Answers!

Why Isn't My Guinea Pig Eating

Are you swarmed with thoughts like “why is my guinea pig not eating or drinking?” or “why is my guinea pig quiet and not eating” and wonder what you can do about it? We are here to help.  Guinea pigs typically eat all the time to keep their digestive system on the move in everyday … Read more

What Herbs Can Guinea Pigs Eat? Safe Or Unsafe Green?

What Herbs Can Guinea Pigs Eat

Feeding a guinea pig is quite an overwhelming task if you are a new pet owner. When I first got my adorable furry friend, I was very scared about feeding him the wrong thing. After all, guinea pigs are famous for having a sensitive stomach. One type of food that you might be tempted to … Read more

Do Guinea Pigs Eat Apples? Facts You Should Know

Do Guinea Pigs Eat Apples

I have always been tempted to share my food with my pets. So, naturally, when I got a set of two guinea pigs, I became obsessed with finding out what kind of meals my new friends could eat and what should be avoided at all costs. One question popped into my mind: Can guinea pigs … Read more