Is Too Much Rosemary Bad For My Gerbil? Mystery Solved!

If you own a gerbil or feed one near your house, then this is an important question for you. Hang on till the end so that you completely understand our take on the matter at hand. 

Is too much rosemary bad for My Gerbil? The answer to this isn’t a simple yes or no.

First, let’s have a closer look at the need to analyze this question. Why is it concerned with what the gerbil eats? Like we don’t usually think about what we p; [ut into our mouths, right? Else the whole fast-food chain will collapse the next day. Well, let’s see why gerbil nutrition is important.

The Nutritional Needs Of Your Gerbil

Nutrition is always a tricky business. Be it humans or animals. 

But for house animals and pets, it’s something that deserves special attention. When in nature, animals take care of themselves. They know what to eat and how much of it. And that’s how everything works and stays in the right order.

But when you bring an animal inside your house or near your place, you are taking away their access to their natural diet. That means that you’ll have to fill up their tummies with what’s best for them. 

Thus the questions about their nutritional needs arise. Like, ‘is too much rosemary bad for my gerbil?’

Let’s address that now.

Is Too Much Rosemary Bad For My Gerbil?

Is Too Much Rosemary Bad For My Gerbil

A simple answer to this is yes. Gerbils aren’t supposed to have diets high in calcium and fats. It can create health problems for them. And sometimes, the results can be regretful.

And guess what’s high in fats and calcium? You guessed it right- rosemary. Therefore avoid giving this herb to your precious coochie boos in high amounts. In light to moderate amounts, it may be fine. But if you can avoid it altogether, then that’d be awesome.

The best thing about animals is that nature has given them the necessary survival instincts. This means that they can instinctively figure out what’s right for them and what’s not. 

Take a cat, for instance. If you put your fried capsicum in front of it, there are high chances that it’ll sniff it and go away. It almost always knows what’s right for it and what’s not. 

So similarly, your gerbil shall also know what’s consumable for them. But, there are times when their senses fail. That’s when the responsibility lies upon you to feed them what’s appropriate for them. That’s how you ensure that they live a full, healthy life.

How To Know What’s Right For Your Beloved Gerbil?

Is Too Much Rosemary Bad For My Gerbil

The safest way is to be in constant communication with a vet. 

See, the dietary needs of animals fluctuate. Just as humans. Gerbils need different nutrition at different times. So it is always best to consult the vet about their diet. Plus, as they say, gerbils always have more fun in pairs.

So there’s already a high chance that you have two of them. That makes veterinary visits compulsory. This way, you’ll get to know what’s best for your babies to consume at different stages of their life.

For instance, they need one type of food when they are infants. The needs change when they grow up to become youngsters. Then as the body goes into the adult phase, they need something else. 

Plus, when the gerbil is unwell, they may need special care. Similarly, they may need attention when they’re pregnant. The point here is that consulting the vet is essential when it comes to ensuring the safety of the gerbil(s) you take care of.

What Are Some Safe Foods For Gerbils?

Is Too Much Rosemary Bad For My Gerbil? Mystery Solved!

Now that we know that rosemary isn’t the best option for your gerbils, let’s look at some safe foods for them. These are the foods that your beloved gerbils can eat without harm. But that’s an instruction for normal conditions. 

The best foods for your pet would be something that they’d eat in their natural habitat. Makes absolute sense? Yes, it does. Therefore if you can give them the flavor of the outdoors that’d be great. That way, they’ll love what they consume and not be missing out on any nutrition.

Sure, if you feel that they may be missing out on some essential vitamins or minerals, then you may consult a vet.

If your pet needs special care, then again, it’s advised to consult a vet and get to know what your gerbil needs. But let’s move to the list of safe foods now:


Your pretty little gerbil loves veggies. You’d know this obviously. Because they’d attack the kitchen and bite away their favorite greens and other vegetable options. The safe ones for them are timothy hay, kale, and beet greens. 

You can also get other options for variety. Some of them include broccoli, spinach, and peas. You can give them carrots as well. 


They love fruits. In fact, you can have a fruit party with them where you both eat your favourite ones. A gerbil can gulp down melons, blueberries, pears, and even strawberries. Boy, will they love a fruit cocktail!

If you provide your pet with fruits regularly, they shall have their nutritional requirements brimming. But there are other things as well. Let’s see them below.

Grains and seeds

Dry pasta, oats, millet; gerbils love them!

Get some of these and watch your pet enjoy them.

Other items

Besides the above-mentioned things, you can also give them some boiled eggs and mealworms. If you have a lawn at your place, then the pet gerbil will stuff itself with its favorite worms on its own. But if you are strictly indoors, then mealworms, waxworms, and crickets will be an amazing treat for them.

Conclusive thoughts

Avoid rosemary. Avoid lots of it, and avoid small amounts too. 

Instead, feed your gerbils with things that make them happy and keep them healthy.

Animals can’t speak when they have a problem. So you need to be super careful with what you feed them. They have sensitive digestive mechanisms. Things that harm them can even threaten their lives. 

So why take the risk, right?

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