Top 11 Quiet Pet Birds To Own for the First-Time

Among all the pets, birds are the noisiest ones. Though this is something most people enjoy, some simply don’t. People who love quietness and birds on the same level need quiet pet birds. So, do quiet pet birds exist?

Yes, they definitely do exist. Some specific bird species are relatively quieter. They do not make much noise and keep up with a serene environment. But be careful, if your bird is unnecessarily silent, you need expert help.

Different bird species are different in their specifications. They have their own specific traits. Check your compatibility with the specific species before buying your first pet bird.

There are some bird species that remain relatively quiet while others are louder. You can have the quieter ones as your pet to avoid the usual noisiness of birds.

Your Pet Bird Could Be Quiet But Should Not Be Silent

Before finding yourself a quiet bird, you should know that these birds will still make noise to some extent. Birds chirp every now and then. Most birds chirp throughout the day, though you might find some who don’t chirp that often.

Expecting a bird to be completely noiseless is stupidity. In fact, if your bird had been quiet more often, you should consult a vet. This could be a symptom of loneliness or some underlying disease.

Be a responsible pet owner and keep a check on your bird.

Top 11 Quiet Pet Birds

Here are the top 10 quiet pet bird species for you. These birds are however less noisy as compared to many other species. In fact, the level of their voice is very subtle.

Have a deep look into all of these species and their specifications. Choose the one that appeals to you the most.

1) Canaries:

The canaries are small, beautiful, mostly golden yellow birds. They have a very beautiful voice. The male canary spends part of their day singing melodious songs.

Owing to their small size, the volume is so low that it makes them one the quietest pet birds. Though they sing a lot, the voice is so subtle and quiet that it can never annoy you.

Top 11 Quiet Pet Birds To Own for the First-Time

Another amazing thing about canaries is their love for solitary. They don’t appreciate companionship and will happily spend their life alone. But you’ll still need a larger cage for them, as they enjoy small flights.

2) Cockatiels:

Cockatiels are parrot species that remain quiet. They are playful and can learn many small acts. They can blow a whistle with some training from their owner.

Cockatiels are social parrots. Though they won’t disturb you with their noise, playing with you or other parrots keeps them happy. So, either buy a pair or spare a part of your day for your pet.

Due to their comparatively larger size and playful nature, you’ll need a larger cage. Normally, female cockatiels are quieter than males.

3) Finches:

Finches are a very vast group of birds. There are a number of species contained within this group. But owing to their small size, all of these species are quiet and subtle.

Top 11 Quiet Pet Birds To Own for the First-Time

Zebra finches are the most common pets. It is because of their low maintenance and beautiful appearance. Buy a pair. Enclose them within an average-sized cage and they are all happy to go.

Finches do make noises and chirps all day, but the volume is so less that it doesn’t bother anyone. But if you are super sensitive to noise, you can go for Gouldian Finches. They are the quietest of them all.

4) Parakeets (Budgies):

Budgies are smaller parrot species. They produce low-volume sounds. Though a flock could be much noisy, a pair or a single parrot can’t annoy you at all.

Budgies can sometimes make annoying sounds but that too doesn’t last for longer. Serve some bananas or grapes to your parakeets to lessen the noise.

Males budgies are comparatively more troublesome. They like to make sounds and produce noise every now and then. But female budgies are very much submissive. They produce almost no sound.

5) Dove:

The symbol of peace and love, the Dove, is one of the quietest birds in the world. They are very commonly found as pet birds, along with parrots.

Top 11 Quiet Pet Birds To Own for the First-Time

Doves are easy to handle pets as compared to parrots. They don’t need much human interaction and can live happily in their cage with their partners.

One annoying thing about doves is their cooing. They coo a lot when awake. You can hardly get a moment without that cooing. But if you feel sensitive to that, do not bring home a dove. It might become difficult for you.

6) Senegal Parrots:

This species is specifically an amusing one. It has many interesting traits. Senegal Parrots are highly interactive with their owners. They have great imitated and vocalizing abilities.

Though they often vocalize, screeching or chirping is not their thing. They remain quiet, calm, and serene.

They will need your attention and care. Play with them and take out time for them from your busy schedule. These parrots will never annoy you. In fact, they will help you to relieve stress.

7) Parrotlet:

Parrotlets are smaller cousins of Parakeets. They also don’t screech. Their quiet chirps can hardly be annoying for anyone. In fact, the soft sound will be sort of relieving for you.

Top 11 Quiet Pet Birds To Own for the First-Time

Parrotlets need daily interaction with their owners. You need to sit beside them and play with them. It helps them to keep themselves within the cage.

These birds are super energetic and playful. They can spend their whole day chirping and interacting with their owners. But their small size does not allow them to be annoying on any level.

8) Button Quail:

Buton Quails resemble the Quails species but are given the name Button Quails because of their small size. They are cute and quiet birds that make them perfect to be kept as pets.

Their amusing behavior is ravishing to watch. You can spend hours in front of their cage. They will continue to amuse you with their behavior.

These birds are not easy to train. If you plan to train your bird, either be ready for tons of practice or consider any other bird. But they are very responsive towards love and care.

9) Pionus Parrot:

Pionus parrots are quiet bird species. They are easy-going and do not require any sort of high maintenance. Pionus parrot hardly makes any annoying noises.

They love to and are really good at imitating different voices. Whenever they hear any interesting new voice, they try to imitate that. It makes them really good to be around.

Pionus parrots need your constant love and attention. Though they do not crave cuddling, they need to be preened.

10) Meyer’s Parrots:

Meyer’s Parrots are very closely related to the Senegal Parrots. Meyer’s parrots are quiet pet birds and make great pets for apartment living. They have a very calm and serene nature.

Top 11 Quiet Pet Birds To Own for the First-Time

They do imitate voices, but whistling is their favorite one. You’ll hardly find them mimicking any other sound. They are also capable of mimicking different words.

These small parrots are very much socializing. They tend to be connected with almost every member of the family.

11) Brown-headed Parrots:

These beautiful parrots are one of the quietest pet bird species. They make very subtle voices. Most of them are heard when they are eating something. Otherwise, they remain very quiet. They show happiness and joy by chirping.

These parrots are wonderful at imitating voices, especially words. Your pet will mimic your words in a very crisp manner. They have the ability to learn a few words during their lifetime of almost 30 years.

These were some of the quietest pet birds in the world. These are specifically suitable for those living an apartment life. If you are afraid that your pet might annoy your neighbors or even guests, these birds will make a great pet for you.

Apart from that, some people are sensitive towards the noise, especially for bird screeching. Such people might love birds, it is just the annoying screeching that they can’t bear.

In both cases, the above-mentioned birds are the ones to your rescue.

Not So Quiet Pet Birds – Extraordinarily Loud Pet Birds

If you are sensitive to noise or for any other reason, you want a quiet pet bird, you should definitely hunt for one. But apart from that, you should know which birds will create chaos for you. So that you can avoid buying them.

Here are some of the pet birds that are super loud and are not suitable for anyone being sensitive to noise.

Amazon ParrotPsittaculaHawkshead
CaiqueCockatooQuaker Parrots
LorikeetConureRingneck Parakeet
African Grey

1) What About Chickens?

Chickens are many people’s favorite birds. They have numerous additional benefits, like eggs. You can use the eggs for both personal use and commercial sales.

Another benefit is their simple diet. They can eat everything from celery, to popcorn and even watermelon.

Top 11 Quiet Pet Birds To Own for the First-Time

But when talking about noise-sensitive people, chicken is not a suitable pet. The morning crowing might be very annoying for you. Hence, do not buy a chicken, unless you are prepared to tackle the noise.

How Do You Quiet A Noisy Bird?

Sometimes even the quietest pet birds can also become quite noisy. Yes, you read it right. All your research could get right into the trash. But do not get disappointed. A few measures will help you out in such situations.

  1. The first thing to do is to ignore your bird. Shout back, neither in excitement nor in anger. Your shouting will instigate their screaming. They might think of it as a fun activity.
  2. If that doesn’t work, try contacting an expert. Your pet might be facing some serious issues.

Hence, the best practice is to ignore your pet’s screaming. When he will found his screams unanswered and unresponded, he will automatically stop making noises.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What Is The Quietest Bird For A Pet?

You can’t label a single species as the quietest. However, some of the species that are relatively quieter as compared to other pet birds include parakeets, parrotlets, finches, canaries, Senegal parrots, etc.

2) Are There Any Birds That Don’t Make Noise?

No, all birds make noise at least to some extend. Though some might be a little quieter than others, you can’t find a bird that remains silent all along. In fact, if your pet does remain too silent, consult an expert. Some quiet pet birds include parakeets, parrotlets, finches, canaries, Senegal parrots, etc.

3) Do Pet Birds Make Noise At Night?

No, birds do not make noise at night. In fact, they love darkness. If your bird is making noise at night, check if his cage is receiving any light. Light and noise at night make birds uncomfortable.

4) What Is The Calmest Bird?

Dove is considered to be one of the calmest birds. They are the universal symbol of love and peace. A dove as a pet will provide your home with a vibe of calmness.

Quiet Pet Birds – Conclusion:

If you are looking for a pet for your apartment living, you should take a look at the above list of quiet pet birds. These birds make relatively less noise. They won’t disturb your lifestyle or your neighbors.

Though they make less noise, expecting any bird to be silent is sheer stupidity. Birds chirp and coo all day. It is just that these birds have a lower volume. Their subtle voice won’t annoy you.

Apart from knowing the birds that you could have, you should know what birds you should avoid. These are the birds that make too much noise. Being sensitive to noise, buying these noisy birds would be the worst decision for you.

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